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Business World

Davis Brothers Insurance


North Point Volvo - Chris Franke

Art Outfitters

Kraft Claims Service

Phillip & Lois Cox

Tod & Sandra Alstadt

Robbi Davis Agency


Holly Tilly








Our Next Meeting

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Tuesday, October 25th


Our October

Demo Artist is:

Steve Rockwell



Our September Winners

1st - Clarence Cash

2nd - Patrick Edwards

3rd - Susan Hurst

4th - Freda Angeletti

5th - Linda Dyson







***2017 Dues***

Reminder:  we've shifted  membership renewal back to a fiscal year to coincide with ALA's IRS tax structure. Remember we'd prorated renewing members back in January, in preparation for this shift, and why we're again, offering a prorated amount of $25 for renewing regular members for 2017.  New members who joined after May 31st  2016, will be consider current through August 2017, and are not subject to this renewal period. All other renewing members, not considered new, will pay $25. Any new members who join on or after August 30th 2016 will pay $30.  So this shift means there will be NO DUES due in January 2017. Our next ALA dues will not be collected again until August 2017. Because of the two prorated renewal periods, our existing members are paying the same amount, for the same period of time during this shift. We really appreciate everyones' cooperation and and understanding during this shift, and are sorry for any inconvenience.





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